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  • Cameron etching presses

    For engrave professionals

    From 80x125 to the large-format 122x240, this range of etching presses has been designed for artists who want just one incredible press.

    A robust and reliable press. With no distortion or warping. Has large diameter rollers that do not distort either the plate or the paper.

    Its hand wheel operation and a 1:25 reduction drive makes etching a true pleasure.

    SIts traction to the top roller and the extraordinary hardiness and strength of all components will give your prints those nuances and final touches that are simply impossible to obtain with lower quality presses.

    • Nonius

      The NONIUS or vernier scale is a second auxiliary scale that have some measuring instruments, which allows to appreciate a measurement with greater accuracy by supplementing the divisions of the ruler with the scale circular of the vernier.

      The CAMERON presses include this new precision toolwhich will help the artist to have more control over the pressure of the engraving with an accuracy of tenths of a millimeter.

    • Spherical roller bearings
      Our spherical roller bearings let the top roller be offset without damaging the mechanics of the press.
    • Bakelite plate

      Bakelite is a material composed of overlapping layers of Kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin. It is extremely hard and very suitable for engraving.

      Since 2020, the Cameron model presses -except 40x60 and 60x90 models- now incorporate a stainless steel plate that protects the bakelite.

    • Upper roller driven
      It is very important that the drive is always on the top roller. This prevents slippage between the roller and the plate. All of our etching presses are driven by the top roller.
    • Wheel operation and reduction drive
      The press is operated with a hand wheel that—via a reduction drive and gearbox—transmits maximum pressure with practically no human effort. The total reduction factor is 1:25.
    • Large diameter rollers
      Both the top and bottom rollers have a 215mm diameter. They are constructed from ST-52 steel, rectified with a parallelism error less than 0.02mm. Large diameter rollers are essential so that the plates are not marked and not damaged prematurely.
    • Fine pitch with pressure screws
      Pressure is exerted by the two fine pitch M30 screws (1/2 turn = 1 mm). An arrow on a ruler indicates the roller position.

  • Transport and delivery terms

    CAMERON model etching presses are delivered assembled or dismantled anywhere in Europe. The price does not include transport or installation, which must be hired separately if needed.

    If the press will be placed at ground level and through a door, it can be easily moved by a pallet jack or even by two or three people pulling it over the floor.

    In some cases, transport by crane can be hired to lift and put the press through a large window, thus avoiding having to dismantle the press.

    A CAMERON press will have to be dismantled if it does not fit through the door, or if it needs to be moved to a higher level, with stairs for example. In this case, we will send you an instruction manual, and we provide full free telephone assistance to help you with the assembly so that you do not have to hire an expert, thus making the product more expensive.

    Dismantling and assembling a CAMERON press only requires a set of spanners and another hex key, and does not require any special adjustments. However, the help of two (or preferably three) people will be needed for placing the top roller in its housing.

    Installation cost

    CAMERON presses are designed for easy assembly and dismantling by their owners. If you would like our technicians to install it for you, an estimate will be provided in advance and invoiced.

    Please ask for an estimate for each specific case.

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