Tórculos TC Manual

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  • TC etching presses

    A treasure for engraving

    TÓRCULOS RIBES has been producing this ‘legendary’ model for over 40 years.

    To many, it is equivalent to Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino. To others, it is a guarantee of etchings with absolute highest quality and nuance.

    What is true is that a RIBES TC press is built with the love and care that make each piece unique.

    Perfect adjustment of all parts and the precise and smooth guiding of its steel plate put this press among the greats.

    Its price will be fully justified as soon as you operate it for the first time.

    Engraving schools, institutions, foundations and renowned professionals trust TORCULOS RIBES for their print studios and workshops.

    For all of them, their RIBES TC press is "their most valuable treasure".

    • Rigid frame
      FRAME Our etching presses all have professional features and, due to their weight and robustness, cannot be placed on tables. The frame is ST-52 steel, with steel sheets assembled with bolts and nuts. The entire machine has a rigidity that would be impossible to obtain from a die-cast monobloc frame. The frame has adjustable legs for levelling the machine.
    • Spherical roller bearings
      Our spherical roller bearings let the top roller be offset without damaging the mechanics of the press.
    • Guided and ground steel plate
      The plate on TC presses is ground steel with a flatness tolerance greater than 0.02mm. The plate is guided by eight bearings that attach to the lower rails on the plate, thus guaranteeing absolutely zero lateral slipping.
    • Upper roller driven
      Movement is transmitted to the plate via the top roller, which is the roller in contact with the felts and paper. This completely prevents the typical slipping of presses that are driven by the bottom roller.
    • Wheel / reduction drive
      The press is operated with a hand wheel that—via a reduction drive and gearbox with a double chain—transmits maximum pressure with practically no human effort. This large reduction, in addition to making the engraving process extremely smooth, provides continuity to etching, preventing stops that are later reflected on the paper.
    • Large diameter rollers
      Rollers that are too small damage the plates and paper, as well as lacking the rigidity required for engraving. Our etching press rollers have a 215mm diameter, and are supported by a double row of roller bearings and an axle with a 50mm diameter.
    • Fine pitch with pressure screws
      Pressure reading on ruler at eye level. Fine pitch with M28x200 pressure screws. One turn of the screw is exactly 2mm.

  • Installation

    Like our CAMERON models, the TC can also be delivered anywhere in Spain or in Europe, as long as no stairs have to be climbed and the press fits through the door. A crane can be hired to lift and put the press through a large window.

    However, if the previous conditions are not met, the RIBES – TC press should not be dismantled by anyone inexpert. Our technicians will come to your home, business or studio to assemble and fine-tune your new press.

    Please ask us about the transport and installation costs for each specific case.

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