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Some of the workshops and schools who trust in our presses

Both great renown artists and the best engraving centers have trusted our presses for their prints. At the bottom, you can see a map of workshops and schools using our machines. your social media marketing partner
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Our clients

  • Tomás Hijo

    Tomás Hijo

    The writer, journalist, illustrator and printmaker Tomás Hijo has one of our press CAMERON 80x150 in his workshop in Salamanca.
  • Elly Prestegård

    Elly Prestegård

    Norwegian artist Elly Prestegård owns one of our CAMERON 80x150 in her studio in Bergen (Norway).

  • Laurent Lafolie

    Laurent Lafolie

    French artist Laurent Lafolie owns one of our CAMERON 100x150 in his studio in Salies-de-Béarn (France).

  • La Madriguera

    La Madriguera

    The illustrator and printmaker Paula Bonet teaches engraving courses in her magical atelier in Barcelona.
  • Joan Barbarà / Tristan Barbarà

    Joan Barbarà / Tristan Barbarà

    In 1950, Joan Barbarà created his first print studio on Calle Argentería in Barcelona. He bought our IP1050x1500 press for his workshop. Later his son Tristán would join him and keep working with him.
  • Art Print Residence

    Art Print Residence

    Art print Residence Jordi Rosés & Clàudia Lloret (Arenys de Munt). Three RIBES etching presses, one of them an electric and large format (2600x1350).
  • Cameron Fraser

    Cameron Fraser

    Artist Cameron Fraser is a painter and engraver from Australia. Settled in Barcelona for many years now, he owns one of our large format CAMERON presses.
  • Juan Lara

    Juan Lara

    This artist and engraver currently has his own print studio in Madrid and runs the graphic art publishing company Ogami Press. He owns one of our TC 1050x1500 presses.

  • Enrique Brinkmann

    Enrique Brinkmann

    Painter, engraver and illustrator Enrique Brinkmann. Malaga. He owns an 800x1050 TC press.
  • Anton Pulido

    Anton Pulido

    Galician artist and painter Antón Pulido owns of our first gems. As he himself recounts, he cares for his RIBES IP1050x1500 press like Clint Eastwood pampers his Gran Torino.
  • Pablo Flaiszman

    Pablo Flaiszman

    Artist Pablo Flaiszman was born in 1970 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently lives in Toulouse, France. In his studio he works with one of our RIBES Cameron presses 80x125.
  • Fundación Pilar i Joan Miro

    Fundación Pilar i Joan Miro

    Two RIBES presses: one 2000x1050 electric, and another that is on loan to the University of Palma. Watch a video here of the day we installed its electric press.
  • DirectPrint


    DirectPrint is a printing company located in Casablanca (Morocco). In its new building of 2000m2 wanted to reserve a space for one of our press CAMERON 100 X 150.
  • Karl Albert Jansen

    Karl Albert Jansen

    Swiss artist Karl Albert Jansen owns one of our press CAMERON 100x210 in his studio in Vallamand, Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Morat.
  • Bilbao Arte

    Bilbao Arte

    This artistic production centre belongs to the Bilbao City Council. Two RIBES etching presses (IP-800x1250, IP1050x1500)
  • Facultad de BB.AA. de Barcelona

    Facultad de BB.AA. de Barcelona

    They have three RIBES presses in their art workshops, the TC 1050x1500 and TC 500x1500.

  • Circulo de Grabado Linea (Lanzarote)

    Circulo de Grabado Linea (Lanzarote)

    Two RIBES etching presses, one large format.
  • Fundación Goya Fuendetodos

    Fundación Goya Fuendetodos

    This foundation’s art studio has a RIBES press, model IP1050X1500.
  • La Llotja

    La Llotja

    A RIBES IP 1050x1500 etching press that has been operating for over 25 years. The treasure of a well-built and handcrafted press!
  • Miquel Lligadas

    Miquel Lligadas

    Miquel Lligadas was born in Sitges and lives in Capçanes. He is an artist, sculptor and engraver. He works with one of our CAMERON 800x1250 presses.
  • Schola Xalubinia – Menorca

    Schola Xalubinia – Menorca

    This international art school was formerly El Taller Xalubinia, founded in 1991 by the master engravers Pere Pons and Ángel Ramazzi. They have a RIBES TC 1050x2000 presss.
  • Escola Massana

    Escola Massana

    Municipal art and design school in Barcelona: visual arts, applied arts and design. They have our RIBES model TC 800/2 in their workshop-classrooms.
  • l'Atelier Genevois de Gravure

    l'Atelier Genevois de Gravure

    AGGC in Geneva (Switzerland) has a CAMERON 80x125 press.
  • Maru de Marbella

    Maru de Marbella

    Painter and engraver, Maria Antonia Sánchez (Maru de Marbella) is from Malaga and has one of our RIBES presses, the Cameron 80x125 model.
  • Christian Bozon

    Christian Bozon

    French artist Christian Bozon is an engraver and painter. He has lived and worked in Malaga for several years. He owns one of our RIBES presses, the Cameron 80x150 model.
  • Escola Traç

    Escola Traç

    The Traç School in Barcelona, centring on plastic arts and engraving, also bought one of our TC1050 etching presses.
  • Catherine Lorton

    Catherine Lorton

    The artist has a Cameron 100x150 in her atelier in Mataró (Barcelona)
  • La Carboneria

    La Carboneria

    In this printmaking atelier of Mataró (Barcelona), Laia Arnau has a Cameron 100x150
  • Johannes Vandenhoeck

    Johannes Vandenhoeck

    The artist Johannes Vandenhoeck owns one of our smallest etching press: Cameron 60x40 in Château-Chervix (France).

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